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Here are the 3 main topics for Dr. Evan to speak on at your festival, retreat, conference, convention, or seminar!

How to Become The Medicine: Thinking, Feeling, and Being Fully You

A high-energy, inspirational, and educational talk about what is possible when we change our internal world of existence and witness the beautiful reflections in life. This is Dr. Evan's primary Keynote topic. In this talk, we talk about incredible stories of transcendence and radical empowerment.

The Conscious Man: How The Deep Healing Work Done By Men Can Help Us Save The World

An eye-opening set of stories and embodied masculine energy to help men, women, and children recognize the power of healing and reconnecting with their inner child.

All Aboard the Leadership: A Step By Step Framework To Becoming the Leaders We Seek

A wild world of imagination mixed with a whole lot of heart. In this talk, we discuss utopian societies, innate intelligence, and stories of massive transformation. A passion project that combines the love of music and spoken word in a playful and electric performance that will have people on their feet, dancing and feeling alive!

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