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Hi, I've dedicated my entire life to optimal health, conscious living, and leaving a legacy for future generations to come. I'm super passionate about helping leaders like you, 10x their health and take their life to the next level! 


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Optimize Your Health

If you haven't noticed, I'm super passionate about helping people take their life to the next level through some of the most advanced health & wellness practices on the planet. We have created a brand new dataset, to optimize your health and help you transform your life from the inside out!

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10x Your Lifestyle

Are you ready to break through and break free while living a life that is aligned with your passion!? Welcome to the future, we are so happy that you are here. There are a whole big world of new people, places, and things that have just been waiting for your arrival.

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Create Better Relationships

Intimacy doesn't have to be hard. Actually, it's super easy when you understand the foundation of conscious relating, authentic connection, and how to experience greater levels of intimacy inside of yourself. This isn't the only way. Yet, it's one great map to success!

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What can you expect from working with me!?

We help high-level CEO’s, conscious entrepreneurs, and elevated business owners breakthrough limiting beliefs and create a future of optimal health & totality. We utilize the most advanced health & wellness techniques, transformational coaching, inner child work, and modern-day neuroscience to show individuals how to connect with their heart field and leverage the elements of the earth to take control of their life, business, relationships, and beyond!

My passion is to connecting with leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and change-makers who are ready to take their life to the next level with a simple step-by-step framework to awaken & accelerate change from the inside out!

Custom Health & Wellness Programming

Breakthrough limiting beleifs and optimze your physiology for success! Here, we correlate Heart Rate Variability to brain wave states, altered states of consciousness, and neurological coherence with the most advanced health & wellness techniques on the planet. 

Environmental & Lifestyle Transformation

The external environment is directly related to the internal environment. We combine lifestyle transformational strategies with modern psychology & environmental sustainability to reach optimal states of living, success & fullfillment. 

Creative Leadership Training

We tend to search for the leaders we want to see, or waiting for the green light to live our best life. I say, it's time to become the leaders we seek with transformational practices that are built to awaken and ignite the leader inside of you!

12 Month Program

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Our most popular plan

  • Breakthrough the Fear.
  • Take Control of Your Life.
  • Get Rid Of The Masks.
  • Find Greater Levels of Intimacy, Love & Authentic Expression.
  • Optimize Your Physiology & Biology For Success & Fulfillment.
  • Live Life On Your Own Terms
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Today is the day to find your Conscious Footprint and take your life to the next level. No more limiting beliefs. No more searching for the answers outside of yourself. Let's get started.


- Ally, Founder & CEO, Author, Speaker, Transformational Coach

"One of the things I like about Evan is that he creates such a safe space for you to share. He makes it ok for you to be who you are and not to be judged or condemned for it ... I've gotten some of the most inspired perspective shifts of my life from him ... I'm super grateful for the support and guidance of Evan. It has been very transformative and life-changing to hear his advice and be coached by him in situations where I really felt like there was no one else I could turn to. So, if you are considering working with Evan, this is something that I would majorly put my stamp of approval on. I love the work he is doing, he's committed to creating change in the world and he recognizes that it starts with him. And so, he doesn't just say it, he walks the walk and that's the one thing I really admire about him most."


"Extremely knowledgeable in the science & arts of healing."


"Expansive and inspiring. Thank you for revealing so much depth within the opportunities of our world and health..."


"Dr. Evan is one of the most authentic pillars of light in the conscious community that I have ever met. He creates these quantum containers that allow me to go so deep and really open up to true healing and make powerful shifts on many different levels."


The event was nothing but fun! They curate one spectacular health and wellness events with a variety of workshops, activities and great music for you to indulge in and meet amazing people. I have been implementing some of these exercises I took from the workshops into my everyday routine which has helped me in many ways. If you’re on a mission to explore or curious on where to start; you’ve  found the right place for your path to spiritual wellness. I highly suggest attending these events. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is the key to living a higher quality of life that everyone can achieve. 

Thank you Dr. Evan for hosting these 1-Day Immersive events, I can’t wait for the next one!

Looking For Your Next Keynote Speaker!?

 I'm so happy & grateful you are here! I am so excited to help you build your brand, your mission, and your audience! Before we talk about me speaking at your event, I want to share something with you. This is it! We found the intersection between health, play & human connection. Let'sradically transform the lives of your audience forever! 

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Are you ready to become the medicine!? Watch Our Free Training Here!

Are you ready to become the medicine and take your life to the next level!?

Watch Free Training Now!