My Story

I grew up an extremely sensitive child. I was never taught about different cultures, races, religions, or sexual identities. I have always been an athlete and started to explore optimal health at an extremely young age after consciously losing about 50 pounds in 7th grade due to bullying & abuse. That catapulted me to the next level of health & success in all aspects of life.

As a man, I was like many other men, being told we are too emotional, to “man up," and not feel our emotions. In fact, I remember crying to my coach in college, telling him that I was meant for more and him telling me, “Evan, you gotta be tougher that that.”

After getting my degree in psychology and getting my doctorate in chiropractic, I knew there was more to life and knew that I was here to elevate humanity in a new way. Utopian Medicine & The Conscious Footprint, is the way.

I left traditional healthcare for good, became a 3x self-published author, transformational keynote speaker, and transformational lifestyle coach to help people become the medicine, level-up, and create their dream life. I have dedicated my life to optimal health and what is possible for the human mind, body & spirit. When I think about it, I realize that I have lived a life of trauma and freedom that provides an interesting mix for my mission on earth.

"Evan believes a single moment can change someone's life forever! He provides this service through transformational speaking, educational workshops, expert panels, Doctor's Q & A sessions, and of course, his wild and ecstatic style of dancing, singing and connection with other humans."

From being a two-sport college athlete, a nomad, and standing on stages in front of thousands of people, I do my best to provide a very unique and electric perspective of life & optimal health. It hasn’t always been that way.

At one point in time, I was homeless, broke, alone & working through a lot of ancestral trauma in the southernmost part of Hawaii. Crying, screaming, and begging for something someone, God, the universe or some essence to show me a sign that I was here to serve big, make a massive positive impact and receive a lot of money to do it because it is something that I am so passionate about and so good at, that I would do it for free. In that moment, I felt this energy inside of me, ***arrghhh*** rise me up from the earth like I was being breathed by the earth and I knew there was more to come.  I knew I was here to inspire others to live their passion and radically transform every single aspect of their life, just like I was about to do with mine.

Ever since that moment, I transformed my entire life, started my own business, and decided that I am here to make a massive positive impact on this planet with his brand new dataset, The Conscious Footprint, designed to track the correlation of the human heartbeat, and the heartbeat of the earth. When I think about it, I am truly here to help people radically transform their lives form the inside out with high-level coaching, inspirational speeches & events that are full of ecstasy, and show people the true meaning of play, human connection, and heart-centered leadership.

Now, I consider myself a futurist, social activist, and visionary who is here to help the world rewrite what is possible. From deep healing, exotic stories of traveling the planet, and a vision for the future, I will help you find new ways of thinking, greater levels of feeling, and higher states of being in all aspects of life. People consider my work as an inspiration, on the forefront of healthcare, epigenetic's, the humanitarian movement, and self-development. I do my best provide an abstract & scientific view of life, relationships & sexuality, leveraging your health, and making the world a better place.