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I help high-level CEOs, elevated business owners & conscious entrepreneurs find the Conscious Footprint. We do this by finding the direct correlation between your HRV & the powerful carbon footprint. I typically only help people who are READY TO GO & take their life to the next level by helping them 10x their business, break through limiting beliefs, and tracking The Conscious Footprint data in our brand new dataset. We assist this process by providing the most advanced transformational strategies of optimal well-being in life and in business. Plus 24/7 online support from out team. Weekly group coaching calls and much more!

Welcome! You are invited to a transformational program designed to help high level, environmentally conscious CEO's 10x their health and 10x their business.

Dr. Evan Johnson is an author, public speaker, Founder & CEO, warrior of human consciousness, and child of light. He has dedicated his life to optimal health and what is possible for the human mind, body & spirit. He has lived a life of trauma and freedom that provides an interesting mix for his mission on earth to show up with unconditional love, elevate human consciousness & embody divine presence in every single moment while helping others live the best life they can imagine!

From being a two-sport college athlete, a nomad, and standing on stages in front of thousands of people, Dr. Evan provides a very unique experience of life & optimal health. At one point in time, Dr. Evan was homeless, broke, alone & working through a lot of ancestral trauma in the southernmost part of Hawaii. At that moment, he decided to make a change and do everything he possibly could to create heaven on earth while showing the world how to embody the Utopian Concepts of Life.

Now, he is a futurist, social activist, and visionary who is here to help the world rewrite what is possible from the inside out. From interdimensional healing, exotic stories of traveling the planet, and a vision for the future, Dr. Evan will help you find new ways of thinking, greater levels of feeling, and higher states of being. Dr. Evan's work is an inspiration, on the forefront of healthcare, epigenetics, the humanitarian movement, and self-development. He provides an abstract & scientific view of the inner world and how it relates to the outer world.

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