Isaac, Founder & CEO, Festivals & Events

The event was nothing but fun! They curate one spectacular health and wellness events with a variety of workshops, activities and great music for you to indulge in and meet amazing people. I have been implementing some of these exercises I took from the workshops into my everyday routine which has helped me in many ways. If you’re on a mission to explore or curious on where to start; you’ve  found the right place for your path to spiritual wellness.

I highly suggest attending these events. Maintaining an optimal level of wellness is the key to living a higher quality of life that everyone can achieve. Thank you Dr. Evan for hosting these 1-Day Immersive events, I can’t wait for the next one!

Shanoon, Artist, Podcast Host

"Dr. Evan is one of the most authentic pillars of light in the conscious community that I have ever met. He creates these quantum containers that allow me to go so deep and really open up to true healing and make powerful shifts on many different levels."

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