The United Nations is doing what!?

February 21, 2019

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations is doing some great stuff!

WIn 2015, the United Nations created 17 steps towards a better planet and a better world.

The topics cover a wide range of change, as I like to call it. Everything from the elements of the earth, transportation, science and technology, with all in between.

The plan is a part of the 2030 agenda to create a sustainable living system all across the planet that includes all members and is conscious fo all factors of living. Here & Now.

Here are the goals.

The UN declared the goals to be span across the whole world, not just the parts of society that have access to high amounts of money or iPhones. All parts of society are being called to come together to make this change a reality, not just on the outside, but the inside.

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Good Health and Well Being

Quality Education

Gender Equality

Clean Water and Sanitation

Affordable and Clean Energy

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Reduced Inequalities

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Responsible Consumption and Production

Climate Action

Life Below Water 

Life On Land

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Partnerships for the Goals

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how much we did or what we owned or the type of car we drive. What matters is how much we gave love and were loved.

The total amount that we can help the world is directly related to the level of love that we experience within ourselves. Our love iis directly related to the capacity we have to create and embody higher levels of peace, love, and unity.

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